Take LimuPlex first thing in the morning, and always on an empty stomach. You'll begin to notice the benefits quickly. Everyone is unique, and LimuPlex will go to work on wherever your body needs it most. Benefits reported include:

- Better weight management

- Newfound mental clarity

- Natural energy increase

- Improved cardiovascular function

-  And much more

About Our Formulas


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Our formulation team has one goal in mind- to identify the most prevalent chronic health concerns that folks deal with on a daily basis, and address those concerns by creating innovative formulas out of the most powerful nutrients found the world over.

We believe that food should be thy medicine, and there is no easier way to get the most powerful nutrients into the body than with Rejuvenetics products.

You don’t need to be an expert to begin a new life. Our expert nutrition and training guidance will give you a step-by-step approach to a new you.

Small changes with daily habits will yield a tremendous change, if you simply commit and allow the products and training to do their work.

Be Different

Be Strong

Strength isn’t just about muscles. It’s about a healthy core. Nothing provides a waterfall of nutrients to nourish and repair your core health quite like LimuPlex.

It's the most dense antioxidant formula found anywhere in the world. A whole food complex with 500 carefully sourced compounds, provides the necessary health-rejuvenating benefits that each of your body's systems relies on.

Be Healthy


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NaturalFit 100

Take Control of Your Body with Plant-Based Power

Our family of customers who rely on Natural Fit 100 and LimuPlex often experience dramatic results. Don't believe us, see for yourself by viewing our library of before & after pictures.

Small changes, when repeated over time, add up to make a big difference!

Be Fit

We all know the importance of Macronutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat. But just where are you getting your macro's from? The building block of a new physique will be optimizing the source in which you get your protein...

Give up the heavy animal based, high-fat or processed protein supplements, and instead rely on our plant-based protein supplement enriched with vital antioxidants and protein repair enzymes.

Be Consistent

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